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Mission, History & Goals


PCHS will empower our diverse student population to make positive contributions to the global community by dedicating our resources to ensure educational excellence, civic responsibility, and personal growth.


PCHS is nestled on 11 acres in Temescal Canyon between the Santa Monica Mountains and the Santa Monica Bay. The school was built in 1961 to alleviate the crowding at University High School in West Los Angeles.

Presently, PCHS’ sprawling campus is home to 2,919 students and 223 staff in this, the school’s 51st, year. In 1993, PCHS became an affiliated charter school, receiving approval from the Los Angeles Unified School District and the California State Department of Education. PCHS’ charter specified accountability for higher levels of student achievement. With the advent of PCHS’ original affiliated charter, a “charter complex” was created comprising PCHS’ feeder middle school, Paul Revere, and five elementary schools.

In an effort to support student success, create innovative instructional programs, and harness the creative energies of the staff, parents, and community, all school stakeholder groups unanimously supported PCHS’ transition to financial independence and accountability in 2003. With its conversion to fiscally independent charter status in 2003, PCHS gained more autonomy from the district. With this independence came a great deal of responsibility in creating a strong administrative structure to create and implement short- and long-term goals. PCHS has involved all stakeholders in governance to ensure every group of stakeholders is heard.


  1. The focus of the school’s core activities on pupil learning and achievement and the development of positive values and goals.
  2. A belief in ongoing collaboration in Professional Learning Communities (PLC) in order to achieve goals and promote professional growth of all adults in the school community.
  3. Expectations that all pupils will master the same rigorous academic content in standards-based curricula and will be prepared for post-secondary opportunities.
  4. A belief in diversity as an asset, particularly in the promotion of multicultural understanding; this includes the belief that pupils should be taught explicitly to value diversity and to learn about other cultures as well as become proficient in more than one language.
  5. A commitment to provide a safe and secure learning environment.
  6. Recognition that communication and knowledge-acquisition require maximizing the use of technology.
  7. The need for personalization in education in which a community of adults nurture students and ensure that they meet graduation requirements and prepare them for goals beyond high school.

Palisades Charter High Schoolwide Goals


The PCHS schoolwide goals are developed annually with the PCHS Board of Trustees. The goals incorporate stakeholder input and are based on the PCHS Long Term Strategic Plan (LTSP) and WASC Action Plan. The goals are revisited monthly in board and LTSP meetings throughout the school year to ensure that the school is progressing. LTSP stakeholder teams meet monthly to prioritize goals, review progress, make recommendations, and develop budget proposals for the coming school year.


The following goals were developed for the 2015-16 school year.

2016 - 17 Schoolwide Goals
Goal 1: PCHS will continue to foster:
  1. Appropriate types of communication for all stakeholders in order to ensure a respectful, well-informed community
  2. A sincere consideration of communications
  3. An understanding of the appropriate avenues of communication
- Ensure transparent and regular communications regarding important school issues - Use multiple methods to communicate when possible
- Tailor communication to audience (students/Schoology; parents/email)
- Keep all stakeholders on the same page with content
- Streamline information on website and in newsletter
- Assess marketability: Accessibility and appeal
- Gather ongoing feedback regarding effectiveness of communication
- Increase levels of annual stakeholder survey participation
- Keep participants informed in the decision making process/steps
- Tell our charter story before someone does it for us (wider communities)
- Include a point person in all communications that go out from the school
- Provide translations in meetings and publications.
- Provide training on communication and avenues for communication.
Goal 2: PCHS will continue to ensure that curriculum is aligned vertically and horizontally to ensure student success in all subjects.
Vertical alignment - organizing curriculum from one grade level or content area to the next Horizontal alignment - across the school and PLCs
- Develop a multi-year curriculum alignment plan
- Map current grading policies to determine commonalities
- Develop a schoolwide grading policy that ensures fairness and consistency
- Incorporate ongoing student feedback systems
- Identify resources needed to move further with goal – Where are we and where do we want to go?
- Provide more support for PLCs – (Math and World Language identified in Columbia Stakeholder Survey)
- PLC on the job training and curriculum alignment to standards and PLC content. Instructional support will be offered through coaches.
- Incorporate Every Student Succeeds Act (reauthorization of No Child Left Behand)
- Determine measurements and SMART goals (Academic Accountability Committee, LTSP, Curriculum Council, Departments, PLCs/SLCs)
- Align measurements to the PCHS Local Control Accountability Plan
Goal 3: PCHS will continue to increase student success through positive classroom climate and increasing student pass rates.
- Continue to review and revise grading policies/classroom policies
- Encourage a growth mindset among all stakeholders
- Provide professional development designed to Increase positive student/teacher relationships
- Encourage differentiation at all levels and provide support for success
- Increase diversity in honors/AP classes and provide a continuum of rigor
- Collect data to monitor success
- Expand summer Dolphin Leadership Academy through broader outreach and early identification
- Summer reading – Incorporate inspirational, motivational books that promote positive self-image (Carol Dweck, John Wooden, etc.)
- Design, administer, and analyze the results of common assessments in all departments by the first progress report period (10weeks). Results will be analyzed by the PLC coordinator with Director of Academic Achievement with the Administrative Team.
Goal 4: PCHS will foster a positive school climate by continuing to build trust among students, parents, faculty, staff, administrators, and Board members by educating all stakeholders about the needs and concerns of other stakeholder groups, demonstrating respect for all types of diversity, and increasing cohesion, connectedness, and compassion at all levels.
- Provide professional development for all employees regarding listening to and understanding student challenges/experiences, responding with compassion and respect
- Continue lessons/teaching for students regarding respect/compassion for others (fellow students & other stakeholders)
- Provide training for parents regarding school systems, ways to be involved
- Schedule meetings at alternate times to accommodate a variety of parent schedules
- Provide transportation to assist parents with attending evening and Saturday meetings
- Educate all stakeholders on the Student Bill of Rights and Responsibilities and the impetus for creating it, emphasizing responsibilities along with rights
- Continue training with culture and climate facilitators as specified in the two-year plan 
- Administer stakeholder surveys to assess progress. Work to increase participation in surveys to get a more accurate idea of true level of specific concerns and progress
- Promote campus-wide wellness pursuant to the PCHS Wellness Policy
- Inclusion of social emotional learning ideas in curriculum
- Provide easy access to information for parents about how to assist struggling students and who to contact with concerns
- Information sheet for parents regarding who they can contact to speak with someone who can communicate in their native language – Specify language spoken, name, and contact info
- Launch a mentor program for student and parents
- Analyze/address declining diversity
- Transportation access, scholarships, etc.
- Review admission process (charter preferences)
Goal 5: PCHS will identify sources of funding, personalize the fundraising with focused goals and projects, and set measurable short- and long-term goals.
- Form a grant committee to research and develop grant opportunities
- Form a development committee – quarterly meetings
- Involve PCHS Alumni Association with fundraising campaigns
- Form CTE grant committee to maximize CTE opportunities
- Collaborate with Chamber of Commerce and other civic and philanthropic groups
- Increase amount of funds raised by 10% over the prior year
- Create a culture of giving involving students, staff, and parents
- Administer development survey to determine what appeals to potential donors
- Provide Annual Fundraising Report with mid-term update
- Monitor fundraising activities to ensure compliance with PCHS Fundraising Policy provisions