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Student Support Services

Pali is dedicated to providing support for student success in our academic programs.  Student Support Services provides oversight and guidance for Intervention / Support Programs, Special Education, Section 504 Accommodation Plans and assists parents and students in requesting applications for test accommodations through the College Board and ACT.

Our department assists students, teachers and counselors in identifying resources to support student success.

If your student is experiencing difficulty in a class, please contact the teacher as soon as you are aware of the difficulty.  All faculty / staff contact information can be found on our website.  Ideally, through communication and collaboration between parent and teacher, your student will attain success.  If after conferencing with the teacher your student is still struggling, contact your student’s counselor for assistance.

The Study Center provides tutoring every school day before school, during nutrition & lunch and after school Monday, Wednesday and Thursday until 5:00 and on Tuesday and Friday until 3:00.  Contact Melinda Meinen, our Tutoring Coordinator, at ext. 6644.  Additionally, many teachers provide tutoring in their classrooms.

Students with Disabilities

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act is a federal law that requires the provision of reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities.     

A student is considered to have a disability if (s)he has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.  A student is considered to have a substantial limitation when unable to perform a major life activity that the average student in the general population can perform.  Major life activities include:  walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, breathing, learning, working, caring for oneself, and performing manual tasks.

If you feel your student may qualify for a Section 504 Accommodation Plan, please contact your student’s counselor, Mary Bush, AP/Director of Student Support Services, or Dawn Pellerin, Section 504 Coordinator.


Special Education
Students who meet eligibility requirements under the Individual with Disabilities in Education Act are provided an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).  In compliance with state and federal guidelines, Pali provides a continuum of services and program options for students in special education.  Our Special Day Program (SDP) for students on a diploma track provides a smaller classroom setting where students receive instruction for core content areas by a credentialed special education teacher.  Focus is on mastery of the essential content standards.  Students attend general education classes for PE and electives.

Pali also provides a Special Day Self Contained Program for students receiving instruction through the Alternate Curriculum.  Focus in this class is on the development of functional academics and independent living skills.

The Resource Specialist Program (RSP) provides supports and services, as indicated in the IEP, for students who are enrolled primarily in the general education setting.

College Board / ACT Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
As a service to our students, we will provide assistance in requests for accommodations on college entrance tests.  Please be aware that these tests are not required for community college entry.

The College Board and ACT are organizations that provide college entry assessments for admission to four year colleges and universities.  Students with disabilities may apply through these organizations for test accommodations.  Student Support Services can assist parents in submitting these applications; however, it is the parent’s / student’s responsibility for providing applications and all required documentation for submission. 

College Board

Information to apply for accommodations as well as documentation requirements for the PSAT, SAT and AP tests can be found at  Applications for accommodations for tests administered by the College Board are submitted electronically through the Student Support Services office.  Please submit a completed Student Eligibility Form, Consent Form to the attention of Mary Bush.    If your student does not have a formal accommodation plan in place, please include supporting documentation with your request for accommodations.

College Board Services for Students with Disabilities


Information for the ACT test and documentation requirements can be found at  We are no longer able to process requests for ACT as we are not an ACT test center.  Please select the appropriate application below, complete and submit to Mary Bush, Asst. Principal, for school verification.  Once completed, you will be contacted to pick up the completed form and will need to submit your request to ACT.

ACT Services for Students with Disabilities


 With all application requests, please submit required forms and documentation to Student Support Services at least 2 weeks prior to due date.


Mary Bush
Assistant Principal
Director of Student Support Services
(310) 230-7240

Carolin Herrmann
Office Assistant
(310) 230-6642