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Campus Unification

Pali Mission Statement: PCHS will empower our diverse student population to make positive contributions to the global community by dedicating our resources to ensure educational excellence, civic responsibility, and personal growth.



A Statement from Dr. Magee: Our vision is to become a cohesive and constructive community for students to learn who they want to be. As staff members, we are fully committed to our mission statement. Together we will cultivate an uplifting environment where students are inspired and empowered to pursue their personal aspirations. We will not tolerate and we will stand against any form of hate or discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, abilities, sexual orientation, citizenship, or socioeconomic status. Our goal is for all students to know that they are safe, valued, and respected.


Why is Campus Unification Important? 

Every student and teacher should be allowed to do his or her job and contribute to building a community that is progressing forward.  At the end of a student's high school career, they should feel accomplished, excited, and ready for the next stage in life.  As a group, they should feel proud of themselves and the friends they have made along the way. 


Too often, we hear of students not feeling this way; but rather, sensing relief that this part of their life is over.  This could be devastating to the way students perceive themselves to the rest of the world, often resulting in them systematically choosing separation over unification.  This is why it is essential to facilitate discussions and activities that promote unity among our diverse community. 



Unity Day Video:
Tools for Tolerance
Over the summer, Pali teachers and staff participated in a day of workshops and seminars surrounding issues of tolerance, inclusion and fighting hate hosted by the Museum of Tolerance. 
The "HELLO!" Program:

Pali is a large school. Sometimes being one of 3,000 students, faculty, and staff can feel isolating and make it challenging to meet new people. The "Hello" Program was developed and launched in Summer 2017 by Giovanni Stewart, Pali's Campus Unification Director. The purpose of the program is for every teacher and classmate at Pali to meet each other for the chance to say hello and have a meaningful exchange in conversation for the sake of disrupting inequity and breaking down self-segregation. "Hello" encourages students to be in each other’s corner for support and protection against hate, racism or prejudice for the sake of knowing and being known.

"Hello" in Action:
 Pali students and staff participate in "Hello" over the summer!
Pali Link Crew
Link Crew is a student- run program for incoming 9th graders. The goal of the program is to provide support for new 9th grade students, create a sense of community, and encourage leadership through trained peer mentorship. 
Link Crew helped out at 9th Grade Orientation getting new students excited about the high school experience and helping them get acquainted with PCHS campus: 
Salutation is an art project created by a collaboration between Ms. Cervantes' Honors Spanish for Natives II Class and Ms. A Pereyra's Art Pod Drawing 1AB classes as part of a Social Justice and Human Rights Watch Research Based Project. The objective of the project was for students to promote respect for human rights and end social injustices in their community worldwide. 
Students used research, applied research, methodology, and collected data to put a spotlight on topics such as the rights of women, children, refugees, migrant workers, members of the LGBTQ community, domestic violence, and economical, social, and cultural rights, particularly in the areas of education. Students created large-scale banners presenting welcoming salutation in the top five languages spoken at Pali and concepts inspired by solutions to social justice issues. 
The end result of the project was a "visual corridor of dignity", which can be seen in the photos below.