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Graduation Information

Graduation Requirements 

All graduating students must fill out, sign and return a Graduation Contract to Jeff Hartman in the Counseling Office by May 26th. You can find a copy of the Graduation Contract in the right-hand column of this page and the Counseling Office. In addition to academic graduation requirements of which students are already aware, in order to receive diplomas, students must have returned all of their textbooks to the Library, and must have cleared all of their absences with the Attendance Office. Senior Plans blue cards must be submitted to the College Center by May 26th. 
Cap & Gown Sets
There are two options for cap and gowns:
  1. You can "rent" a cap and gown at NO CHARGE, and return it after graduation
  2. You can purchase a cap and gown to keep for $35.00
  • If you would like to purchase your cap and gown, you can order it starting Monday, May 22nd in the Student Store. Please save the receipt because you will have to show it as proof of purchase later.
  • Cap and gowns will be distributed starting Friday, June 2nd regardless of whether you are buying or renting one. You do not need to show a receipt at this time.
  • After the graduation ceremony, students will line up in Mercer Hall (see map in the right-hand column of this page) and either return their cap and gown in exchange for their diploma, or show their receipt as proof of purchase of the cap and gown in exchange for their diploma.


Graduation Ceremony Tickets and Stadium Occupancy 

Starting Friday at 2:06pm on June 2nd, every graduating senior receives FOUR free tickets to the ceremony to be distributed to family and friends. Students must have met all requirements to receive their tickets. These four tickets will provide access to seating in the stadium stands on a general admission basis. Children over 3ft tall must have their own ticket. For any family or friends requiring handicapped accessible seating, arrangements must be made in advance with Mr. Gracias, and each person seated in this area (which is the top row of bleacher seats for easy access from the parking lot) must present one of the four free tickets given to the graduating senior.  Family and friends not able to be seated in the stands are encouraged to watch the live stream of the Ceremony in Gilbert Hall starting at 5:30pm. For those who would like to stream the ceremony live from their own computer device can do so by clicking HERE at the time of the ceremony. 


Graduation is an exciting and memorable event, and as such we want as many people as possible to come and enjoy it. However, the Stadium by the Sea has an occupancy capacity limit dictated by the City of Los Angeles Fire Marshall, which is why we have to issue tickets and closely monitor attendance. We cannot let more people in the Stadium than the Fire Marshall will permit. Each graduating student is allocated 4 tickets, and when adding all those people to the graduates themselves and the rest of the Pali High staff, we’re usually at the allowed capacity.  Therefore, if you do not have a ticket, or forget your ticket, you are not going to be allowed into the Stadium no matter what.  We’ve also coded our tickets this year to catch duplicates/counterfeits, so do not go that route either.   If you truly forgot your ticket, and you still come to the stadium to watch the event, you have 2 options:


1.       Go to Gilbert Hall on campus and view the simulcast of the event

2.       Watch from the perimeter of the stadium like some people do at Football games


Graduation Rehearsal 

All graduating seniors MUST attend the graduation ceremony rehearsal on Graduation morning, which is scheduled from 8AM to 11 AM. Students who do not attend rehearsal may forfeit their right to participate in the ceremony. Students should speak with Mr. Hartman if they are not able to attend. This is the only rehearsal before the ceremony at 5:30pm. Students are to report to the same room where they attended the Senior Meeting (see Senior Meeting Agenda to the right of this page).


It is possible that the rehearsal will not require the full three hours allotted (especially if everyone pays attention and follows instructions) but it is essential that students be prompt and plan to attend for the full time period if necessary in order to minimize delays and glitches at the early evening Ceremony. If your student rides the bus to school, please see the right hand column for the rehearsal bus schedule.  


Graduation Programs

Graduation Programs are printed on the morning of graduation (to ensure an accurate list of names) and are distributed at the Graduation Ceremony.  No advance copies of the program will be available.


Scheduling/Length of Ceremony and Diploma Pickup

The graduation ceremony will take place on June 8, at 5:30pm, on the Football Field, and is expected to be between 90 minutes and 2 hours in length. Graduates must be in their assigned locations (see Senior Meeting Agenda located to the right of this page) by 4:30pm. Graduates will receive diploma cases at the ceremony, and then following the ceremony will proceed to assigned locations and grouped by counselor (see Graduation Post Ceremony Map located on the right hand side of this page). Students will then either return their cap and gown, or show proof of purchase (receipt) of cap and gown in order to receive their diplomas. 


Rules for Graduation 2017

Graduation is an important event in the lives of all involved. Working together as a school community will make this an event to remember. Please remember these rules:

  • No balloons
  • No airhorns
  • No personal signs
  • No noise makers
  • No reserving seats for others
  • No in and out privileges. 
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!