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Public Notice » Track and Field Resurfacing Public Notice

Track and Field Resurfacing Public Notice

Tack and Field Bidding Period Now Closed 


Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals will be received by the Executive Director & Principal of

Palisades Charter High School (“PCHS”), 15777 Bowdoin Street, Pacific Palisades, California, 90272 in

Gilbert Hall at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday June 1, 2017 at which time all bids will be opened and reviewed,

for furnishing of all labor, materials, equipment, transportation and services necessary for and incidental

to the:





Each bid shall be in accordance with the Drawings, Specifications, and other contract documents prepared by the Architects, and shall be submitted on the bid proposal form in these specifications.


At time of award, the successful bidder must hold a Class A with a D-12 Contractor's License.


Electronic copies of the documents are obtainable on the PCHS website, It is the

bidder’s responsibility to advise Don Parcell at that they are a bidder-of-record to

ensure they receive any additional documents (RFI answers, addendum, bidders list, etc.).


Bidders will be able to visit the site on either Monday, May 22nd between 9am to 11am, or on

Wednesday, May 24th between 9am to 11am. These are non-mandatory opportunities for all bidders to

visit and view the site in person. Bidders will need to check in at the School’s main office and be greeted

by designated PCHS personnel to be escorted to the track and field.


All questions and RFI need to be submitted in writing via email to Don Parcell at

no later than Thursday, May 25th at 4:00pm PDT. All answers will be provided to all bidders-of-record

by Friday, May 26th at 4:00 pm PDT.


A bid bond in the amount of 10% of the proposed Contract Amount must accompany each proposal. The

successful bidder's security will be retained until he has signed the Contract and furnished the required

Labor and Materials Payment and Performance Bonds. The Owner reserves the right to retain the

security of the next preferred bidder until the selected bidder enters into contract or until 30 days after

bid opening, whichever is shorter. All other bid security will be returned as soon as practicable. If any

bidder refuses to enter into a Contract, the Owner will retain their bid bond as liquidated damages but not

as a penalty.


The foregoing wage schedule is based upon a working day of eight (8) hours unless otherwise so

indicated. The rates for all crafts for work in excess of eight (8) hours during the standard working week

of Monday through Friday inclusive shall be one and one half (1 1/2) times the basic rate for the first four

(4) hours. All additional time during the week and for Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays shall be

two (2) times the basic rate. The Contractor may submit for review and approval a scheduling of hours

that shifts personnel across a Monday through Friday and a Tuesday through Saturday to spread time and

personnel to maintain 40 hour total work weeks.


Local Prevailing Wage Rates shall apply. Pricing shall include deliveries/shipping, taxes, fees, etc. that

may apply.


Apprentices may be employed provided they are properly indentured in full compliance with the

Provision of the California State Labor Code Section 1777.5. Holidays shall be observed in accordance

with local trade agreements.


Deductions from wages are allowed for the following:


Federal Old Age Retirement Benefit

State Unemployment Compensation

Federal and State Withholding Tax


It shall be mandatory upon the Contractor to whom the Contract is awarded and upon any subcontractors

under him, to pay not less than the said specified rates to all laborers, workmen and mechanics employed

by them in the execution of the Contract.


No bid will be accepted from the Contractor who is not licensed in accordance with the provisions of the

California Contractors License Law.


Prior to signing the Contract, the Owner will require the selected Contractor to secure and post a Labor

and Materials Payment Bond and a Performance Bond, each in the amount of 100% of the Contract Sum,

and each on forms provided in the Project Manual. All such bonds shall be issued by Surety acceptable

to the Owner. Include the costs of all such bonds in the proposed Contract Sum.


Anti-Discrimination Successful bidder shall not discriminate against any employee or applicant for

employment because of race, creed, color, sex or national origin. Contractor will comply with Executive

Order 11246 and Title VII, Civil Rights Act, and all relevant orders and regulations concerning equal

employment opportunity.


The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids, and to waive any informalities in the bidding, or in

any bid received.


No bid shall be withdrawn for a period of thirty (30) days after the date set for the opening of bids

without the consent of the PCHS Executive Director and Principal.


Dr. Pamela Magee

Executive Director and Principal




Date Published: May 2017




Download the Bid Package Here:
Download Bidders Q&A Here: