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Dear PCHS Bus Riders and Families,

We are writing to inform you that PCHS is switching bus companies effective 4/3/2018 (first day back after Spring Break) for regular to/from PCHS School Bus transportation, Late Buses and Athletic & Field Trips. We will no longer be using Durham School Services.

Starting 4/3/2018 for the inbound/morning pickup, and for the rest of the 2017-18 school year, we will be working with American Transportation Services (ATS) as our school bus provider. All bus routes, stops and schedules will remain the same. The name on the side of the bus will no longer be Durham, but will be a number of different companies that all work under ATS.

Other than the drivers and the name on the side of the buses, the only other thing that will change is how you make payments for the PCHS School Bus. Beginning today, if you still owe money for previous months, or for April or May/June 2018, you will make your payment through the Pali High Student Store using the “Pali Transportation” option in the “Product Categories” drop down menu at the top of the page.

If you have not already registered for your Web Store account, please do so in order to make Pali Transportation payments - please visit this link for the instructions:

When signing up for a webstore account, please make sure to have your child’s student ID number ready. This is the same Student ID number on your child’s PCHS ID card.

DO NOT pay anything at the old/Durham website via PayPal, or call Durham to pay by Credit Card, or send them any checks.  If you have already paid Durham School Buses for April or May/June you do not need to do anything. Those payments are still valid and have been transferred over to PCHS and will be recognized as such by PCHS.

The PCHS Online Student Store will be available for receiving Transportation Payment as of 3/30/2018. All checks in the future should be made payable to “Palisades Charter High School” and say “Bus Transportation” in the Memo Line, and be mailed or delivered to PCHS c/o the Transportation Dept.

Remember that initial payments at the start of the school year included a first month and last month payment, so many of you have already made the May/June payment, so do not duplicate any payment you’ve already made. Please call Susan Darvish in the PCHS Transportation Dept. if you have any questions about what you still owe for the remainder of this school year.

Any questions you have regarding the PCHS Online Student Store system should be directed to the PCHS Finance Office/Student Store and Arleta Ilyas at Starting now you should direct questions regarding PCHS buses, routes, stops, schedules, trips, issues to either ATS’s Bus Manager Jeny Donaldson at, W: 562-531-8000 or C: 562-370-6326, or to PCHS’s Transportation Coordinator Susan Darvish at, W: 310-230-6631.

PCHS hopes this change in bus providers will be a welcome one and the reliability of PCHS Bus Transportation will improve with this change. We hope everyone is enjoying their Spring Break.