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Technology » Impero Education Pro

Impero Education Pro

What is Impero Education Pro?
Impero Education Pro is a combined classroom management, network management, and online safety monitoring system that is used in 90 countries.
It enables educational schools to:
  • Provide a safe learning environment for pupils when using digital devices
  • Break down the technical and safety barriers of using ICT (Integrated Classroom Technology) within lessons
  • Fulfil their duty of care in relation to safe ICT use by implementing a whole school and managed approach to online safety in line with Ofsted/ISI expectations
  • Monitor its students’ internet use in line with industry monitoring and e-safety standards, allowing for detection of keywords, phrases, acronyms and abbreviations that may suggest online bullying, concerning behaviour or those at potential risk.
  • Monitor students on-screen activity during lessons and general computer use, in real time, and helps teachers to respond to misconduct or potential risk as and when it occurs.
Palisades Charter High Schools' implementation of Impero Education Pro does not function outside the boundaries of the physical campus. 
Installing Impero Education Pro - Institutional vs. BYOD Devices
An institutional device is any computing device owned by Palisades Charter High School. This includes all classroom lab computers, laptops, iPads, Chromebooks, and any device loaned to a student as part of our Access First Program. Institutional devices automatically install Impero Education Pro and no action is required on the part of the student. 
A BYOD device is any personally/family owned device used by a student in the classroom or while connected to Palisades Charter High Schools' wireless network. Students will be required to install Impero Education Pro on their BYOD device in order to participate in class with their device. Installation is simple, free, and can be removed at any time. As noted above, Palisades Charter High Schools' implementation of Impero Education Pro does not function outside the boundaries of the physical campus.
Links to install the software for BYOD devices:
Click here to install on Apple iOS devices (must be using Safari browser)
iOS users please note you must go into your iOS Settings > General > Device Management, select Impero Solutions Ltd, and click Trust.