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PCHS School Bus 2019-20 » PCHS School Bus Rules

PCHS School Bus Rules

PCHS School Bus Rules en Español:

The following school bus rules are enforced for the safety of all passengers and drivers. Many of the same rules and acceptable classroom behavior apply when students are on the bus. Please make sure that your student is familiar with the rules. Upon the first event of misconduct, the driver will give a verbal warning to the student. Any subsequent violations will be reported to the school's administration. A third violation could result in a meeting with the driver, PCHS Dean’s and/or school principal and bus supervisor, as well as the possibility of a temporary suspension, and ultimately permanent suspension.

  • Remain seated.
  • Lying down in the seats is not permitted.
  • Keep seat belt fastened at all times.
  • No unnecessary noise, banging, shouting, profanity, or boisterous conduct.
  • No unnecessary noise, shouting, profanity, or boisterous conduct.
  • Keep all parts of the body inside the bus.
  • Keep the Bus clean.
  • Don't throw things inside the bus or out the window.
  • No smoking, vaping, or tobacco on the bus.
  • Stay out of the "Danger Zone", anywhere within 10 feet of the bus.
  • Do Not try to pick-up things dropped under the bus - things can be replaced, children can't

  • Be courteous to other passengers and the driver.
  • No eating or drinking while on the bus.
  • No lighting of any matches, lighters, fireworks, etc. are permitted at any time.
  • Shoes with cleats or spikes may not be worn on the bus.
  • No hazardous articles or weapons.
  • Animals or pets may not be brought on the bus.
  • All students must show their Bus Passes when entering the bus (No Exceptions).
  • Only students paid-in-full and with proper stickers on their PCHS Student IDs are allowed to ride the bus.

In addition to the rules posted in the bus, there are a few items all passengers must also abide by:

  • Students must board the bus quickly and take their seats immediately.
  • Bullying is not allowed at any time. Student can/will be terminated from riding the bus.
  • Students are not allowed to save seats for anyone; It's first come, first served.
  • Students shall remain seated in a forward position at all times.
  • Seats are not to be changed while the trip/journey is in progress.
  • No gum chewing, or seeds on the bus.
  • Arrive at your bus stop at least ten (10) minutes early each morning to account for differences in clocks and watches. Park on the same side of the street as the buses to avoid having students cross the street. Do not chase buses or try to cut them off if you miss your stop, as this poses a serious safety hazard. Simply proceed to another stop later on the same bus/route.
  • If parents have concerns or feel that a bus driver does something they don't like, DO NOT attempt to argue with the drivers or even discuss it with them. That is the PCHS Transportation Coordinator’s and bus company’s job to do. Please inform PCHS and we will follow through with the Bus Company and you. 
  • Please regularly remind your child to follow all bus rules and driver instructions and be polite and well behaved on the bus.
  • Remember the buses are an extension of the classrooms at PCHS, and all students and parents must approach the drivers with the same respect and decorum as PCHS Faculty and Staff. 
  • All students and parents must treat and interact with the bus driver with the same respect and decorum as they would with PCHS Faculty and Staff.

Safety is always the first concern on the bus; therefore, students must exhibit safe behavior at all times and behave such that they do not provoke, or encourage anyone else into exhibiting unsafe behavior. PCHS and the Bus Company are not responsible for personal items left on the bus.

*All PCHS School Bus stops and schedules are subject to change. 

The most expedient way to find out the status of your bus while it's in route, or about the safety or condition of the bus, or about driver behavior or  procedural concerns, is to first contact ATS Dispatch at (562) 531-8000 x3. After discussion with ATS, if still necessary, feel free to contact the PCHS Transportation Dept. at or by calling 310-230-6631.



PCHS Transportation Coordinator

Susan Darvish

(310) 230-6631




Big Blue Bus

(310) 451-5444


LA Metro/Train

(323) 466-3876

(213) 922-6235




(562) 531-8000 x3



Bus Manager

Jeny Donaldson

(562) 531-8000 x712



Operations Manager

Belinda Borja

(562) 531-8000 x700