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PCHS School Bus 2018-19 » Bus Schedules and Routes

Bus Schedules and Routes

***PCHS Bus Routes & Times Have Changed***

Please find below the changes made to the 2018-19 Bus Schedules!!


We strongly encourage you to read our entire FAQs Bus Rules to fully understand how the PCHS School Bus Program operates.

The times listed on the schedules are the times the bus is scheduled to arrive and depart from the stops. If you arrive at (or very close to) the departure time, you are late and THE BUS WILL NOT WAIT FOR YOU!


PCHS Bus Stop Guidelines:

  • Arrive at the bus stop 10 min prior to the departure time to avoid missing the bus.
  • Buses scheduled/planned to depart promptly at the departure time.
  • THE BUS WILL NOT WAIT for students not already present at the bus stop prior to its departure.
  • Waiting inside a vehicle near the bus stop is not considered waiting at the bus stop and may result in missing the bus.
  • Buses will not wait for students walking/running up to the bus stop at the departure time. 
  • If you miss the bus at your regular stop, proceed to a later stop on the same route.
  • Buses will not pull over or return to a stop once it has left that stop.
  • Students may only ride the bus/route that they have been assigned to.
  • Students who miss their associated bus may not board a different bus route.  Each bus route has a specific number of students assigned to it.  Students boarding routes not assigned to them may result in overloaded buses.
  • Students must have the proper PCHS Bus Sticker, or pass associated with their bus route in order to board the bus.


AFTER SCHOOL Bus Stop Guidelines:

  • All arrival times are estimates depending on traffic.
  • Buses will not wait at the bus stops after dropping off students.
  • It is the responsibility of each parent to be at the stop on time to meet his/her student.
  • Liability for students on the part of the bus company and PCHS ceases as soon as the student is dropped off at the bus stop.
  • PCHS School Bus stop locations, routes and schedules are subject to change. 


*All PCHS School Bus stops and schedules are subject to change based on ridership needs. 


It is not necessary to contact the PCHS Transportation Office or the bus company if your child will be absent from school, or absent from riding the bus for a short period of time. If your child will be missing school for an extended period of time, please contact the PCHS Transportation Office at (310) 230-6631 or




The updated Bus Route Changes are below. 

Please help us get the word out! 



View Revised/New Routes/Stops Only for AM Routes: AM New Routes - Stops


View Revised/New Routes/Stops Only for 2:20PM Routes: 2:20 PM New Routes - Stops


View Revised/New Routes/Stops Only for 3:25PM Routes: 3:25 PM New Routes - Stops


View Routes Only for 5:45PM Routes: 5:45 PM Routes - Stops

To use the schedule below:

1. Look up your old bus stop on the left side of the chart.

2. Then, follow over to the right side to see your NEW bus stop and NEW time


 See the changes made to the AM Route here.


PCHS Transportation Coordinator

Susan Darvish

(310) 230-6631




Big Blue Bus

(310) 451-5444


LA Metro/Train

(323) 466-3876

(213) 922-6235




(562) 531-8000 x3



Bus Manager

Jeny Donaldson

(562) 531-8000 x712



Operations Manager

Belinda Borja

(562) 531-8000 x700