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9th Grade Pods » 9th Grade Dolphin Pods

9th Grade Dolphin Pods



A “pod” is defined as a group of dolphins. Dolphins are social creatures and they live in extended family groups called “pods” to cooperate, to work together, and to protect each other. At PCHS, the freshman class is broken up into groups of students called Pods. 80-120 students learn through Pod-themed projects and are guided by the same team of PCHS teachers.

Here is a description of each PCHS Pod, in alphabetical order:

Art Pod

The Art pod at Palisades Charter High School has been a wonderful experience. Join us! There are four teachers in the Art Pod. You have classes in art, Social Science, and English. Our teachers make these subjects relate to one another in a way that is both fun and powerful. You get to learn a lot of new things such as how to write essays better, how cultures are different from each other, and various art techniques. But, don’t worry, this will not overwhelm you in your first year because the pod integrates you even more into Pali. While working on art projects, we learn about cultures and study literature. Our pod explores Los Angeles history, landscapes, and local artists which set the foundation for discoveries in Latin America and South Africa. We draw, paint, and make graphics for our school. For example, we designed and painted colorful social justice banners for school-wide assemblies. More importantly, you get to meet new people and make lasting relationships with your classmates.

Digital Media Pod

The Media POD classes are some of the most interactive, innovative, and exciting POD classes offered at Pali. These POD classes (English, Social Science, and Media) are all interconnected and revolve around each other. The skills learned in English tie directly to what is being taught in Social Science, in Media, and vice versa. In Media, we focus on current events and journalistic integrity. The Media teacher makes sure we are up-to-date on current events by having a weekly assignment where we research an event of our choosing that occurred during the week. Then, we write a small overview of the event and why it matters in the world. This task exercises our ability to write, research, and voice our opinions. This skill is vital and extremely helpful in English, as the students prepare to write a handful of persuasive essays. In the Media POD, students are also shown a variety of documentaries and films that teach us the importance of academic integrity and how honesty is vital in society. If you have a passion for social media, marketing, or writing, the Media POD is the place for you.

Drama Pod

Welcome to Pali! I am currently a freshman in the drama pod, and I am having an amazing experience. When I was in middle school, I was alone. Then I came to Pali and was placed in the Drama Pod, where I could not only act but also learn how to express myself. We started the school year at Gilbert Hall for the drama elective class with our theatre teacher. I had such a great time in class. We learned about the structure of stories, improvisation, and how to write and produce a theater piece. You never have to be scared to speak your mind in Drama Pod. This was one of my favorite classes of all time, because I discovered that I loved working both behind the scenes and onstage. Drama class is only one semester long. Your second semester is assigned in a social science class that examines the different phases of Civil Rights in the World. In our year long English class, we write essays based on thematic statements and literary devices. I made many friends in this pod; the people are great. The pod inspired me to audition and join Pali’s Friday Night Live (a comedy show) and school musicals, which all make me very happy. Please consider joining the Drama Pod! See you next year!

Entrepreneurship Pod

Are you the next Oprah Winfrey or Bill Gates? This pod may be just what you are looking for! Entrepreneurship is not just for billionaires and technology geniuses; it’s a kind of leadership that highlights perseverance, optimism, and strategy. In this pod, future student entrepreneurs will participate in the development of business by building a resume, learning about networking skills, and working on a business plan. Students can enjoy the freedom and creativity of being an innovator. We will learn about the stock market, write business proposals, discuss sound financial choices, learn how to take calculated risks, and much more. Future entrepreneurs also learn from interesting guest speakers. The Entrepreneurship Pod will enable you to walk away with real-life skills and practical tools that you can use in your bright and successful future! This pod might just fit the bill for you!

Social Justice Pod

In the Social Justice Pod, students analyze the factors that shape society, and relate it to current problems or events going on in the world. Our teachers encourage students to question and re-think the world inside and outside their classrooms and community, build a more equitable, multicultural society, and become politically active citizens. What do students do in classes? Students read and write about topics that touch their own lives. We study people, what they do, and why they do it. We learn about inequality in schools and society, the influence of social media and videos games on teenagers, and gender issues that affect young people. Students are encouraged to voice their opinions in class discussions and councils. Because our POD is small, teachers and students get to know each other well. This pod can open one’s eyes to see the world in a whole new way; while maintaining a fun, chill environment. Current events are constantly incorporated into our studies, enhancing the ability to contribute in world discussions and improving one’s knowledge of how the world works. The Social Justice pod will provide you with the best classes you will take at Pali, through phenomenal teachers and fascinating lessons.

TESLA (The Environmental Studies of Los Angeles) POD

When you think of Los Angeles, what comes to mind? The beaches, the mountains, the rivers, the forests? The freeways, the construction, the people from all over the world? The TESLA pod looks at how we find our place in such a big and diverse city, and how we can steward a resilient urban ecosystem and society. In doing so, we also support your journey as you find your place in a school as big and diverse as Pali. We'll look at how civilizations, characters, and cities make choices that adapt to change while maintaining identity. We'll learn about the relationship of living organisms with their environment, the impact each of us has on the planet, gentrification, social justice in regards to the environment, and much more. If you're interested in ways that you can help make this planet a better place to live on, join TESLA Pod! You will discover things about the world and yourself that you never knew. Moreover, it will open your eyes and you will get involved with hands-on experiments. There is never a dull moment in the class as you are always proactive and engaged in diverse activities that truly change your perspective of the world.