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Campus Unification

Campus Unification Department (CUD)

Why is the Campus Unification Department important? First, the social climate and divide of our nation concerning politics has raised many difficult questions that our students and faculty are facing resulting in real time hate incidents accruing on our campus. Campus Unification was created to uphold the truth and remind our students and staff that we are all human beings and deserve the right to be treated equally and justly under the law regardless of our race, gender, religion, ability, socioeconomic and/or sexual orientation. It is important to reinforce this message in our diverse school community daily just as hate and confusion are at work daily.

Secondly, our "achievement gap” between white and minority students in the classroom and the under representation of minorities in (AP) classes is concerning. The concern is bigger than an academic approach, meaning something more has to be done to connect our minority students to the idea of having personal goals and understanding why an education is important. Campus Unification is helping them to adopt a growth mindset that they can achieve academic success and set up goals for their own future. We are assisting our teachers and students in learning the skills of being empathic and intentional with their planning, communication, and treatment of one other.

Thirdly, we are committed to our Mission Statement:

"PCHS will empower our diverse student population to make positive contributions to the global community by dedicating our resources to ensure educational excellence, civic responsibility, and personal growth.” Our goal is to equip our students to become vibrant human beings that help progress our world towards being a better place."

Our campus is diverse and we must cater to that fact. Just as we teach our students the mathematics, science, technology, new historic evidence, etc., we must also teach them about the advancements in our social human evolution and how to effectively engage in healthy dialogue and discussion regarding the social changes our world will continue to face. The CUD advocates for the implementation of student-centered learning and programs, that create a net around departments and restorative justice efforts to either prevent inequity or allow opportunity for growth and care.

Campus Unification Director Responsibilities Highlight List

Implemented 2017-18, Maintained through 2018-19

Activity Days
Community Days (Social & Emotional learning, current events)
Community Assembly
Link Crew
Justice League
PEER Leadership collaboration (ASB, Ambassadors, DLA, Link Crew, Peer Mediation, Justice League)
HELLO (focus group, new teachers meeting, coordinators)
SBRR & Concern Form
Campus Unification page
TVN Men’s Group

Implementing 2018-19

Link Crew Follow-Up meetings
PALI Acronym (Positivity, Aspiration, Learning, Integrity)
Take 10 (inspiring learning and identifying trauma)
Student & Staff On-boarding

Campus Unification Department Programs, Groups & Activities

Activity Days

Activity Days (AD), are usually monthly lunch activities that help raise awareness about the campus, cultural, social, local, and nationwide issues and concerns. Activity days are usually organized by student leadership and social-cultural groups.

Campus Unification Department Webpage

The Campus Unification Department Webpage is used to promote and create awareness of the Campus Unification Department, and its efforts, to both PCHS stakeholders and the community at large.

Community Days

Community Days (CD), are monthly schoolwide lesson plans and events set aside for Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Culture & Climate Building (CCB). All classes are required to participate in the lessons around a particular SEL or CCB topic (examples: Bullying, Anxiety, Earth Day, Civic Responsibility, etc.). CD have their own bell schedule to accommodate for 40 extra class minutes during 3rd and 4th periods, on either odd or even days, according to the block schedule. CD also include a lunchtime event or activity that supports the classroom lesson.

Community Assembly

Community Assembly (CA) is an annual assembly set aside for CCB. Its purpose is to reinforce and introduce new concepts, initiatives, programs, and goals (examples: SBRR & Concern Form, PALI Acronym, PEER Leadership). The assembly is also a celebration of student accomplishments, display of student talents, and personal testimonies.


Hello is a mindset and training for how PCHS approaches cultivating healthy campus Culture and Climate, the promotion of social-emotional learning, and strategies for equity and inclusion. Hello encourages acknowledgment, from saying “HELLO” while passing through campus to teachers creating a social contract with their students that is displayed to encourage positive classroom culture.

Justice League

Justice League (JL) is a social justice group made up of the leadership of PCHS’s social and cultural clubs. The purpose of the group is to help hold our campus accountable for equity and inclusion by raising awareness concerning campus, cultural, social, local, and national issues. JL is responsible for Activity Days and UNITE meetings.

Link Crew

Link Crew (LC) is a program that helps freshman class students transition into high school. The Freshman are placed in a small group, mentored and supervised by two upperclassmen. The Freshman are taken through a list of activities to help them learn the valuable lessons of taking on challenges, and the importance of participation. The upperclassman follow up throughout the year through LC events and activities.

PALI Acronym

Positivity - Maintaining a positive attitude and assuming positive intentions in others
Aspiration - Adopting a growth mindset, and setting short- and long-term goals
Learning - Improving through mistakes and support
Integrity - Doing the right thing consistently, even when no one is watching

The purpose of the PALI Acronym is to identify an overall standard of values for all PCHS stakeholders and to promote/cultivate positive campus culture and climate to help breed civility. The acronym serves as a foundation in PCHS efforts to create procedures, programs, events & activities, curriculum and long and short-term strategic planning.
PEER Performance + Equity = Excellent Results
PEER Student Leadership (PEER), represents PCHS's recognized Student Leadership groups (Ambassadors, ASB, DLA, Justice League, Link Crew, Peer Mediation). PEER validates the value PCHS has in student leadership and peer to peer service, and creates more possibilities for our diverse student population. It seeks to encourage group collaboration and spark interest and recruitment across groups for support.
SBRRCF allows students according to the 18 articles in the SBRR to self-advocate. In an effort to be equitable and inclusive, the purpose of SBRRCF is to help educate both the student or teacher on a matter. It helps to rebuild broken communication, trust, or relationships between a student and their teacher regarding a dispute, miscommunication, or misbehavior.
Take 10 is a space created for school and public bus transportation students who arrive either at or after the school bell rings. Take 10 helps students transition from a long and/or difficult trip, to a better head space for the start of the academic portion of their day. The Take 10 services provide a warm and quiet place for students to relax, grab breakfast from the school cafeteria, receive help from school staff, use the restroom, print homework or use a computer. The goal here is to have them in a good place, to be more receptive to their teachers, subjects, classmates, etc., which will directly impact their success at Pali. The data collected in Take 10 is used to intervene and provide academic support for students by either reforming students class schedules or informing educators of the challenges students are facing.
Unite is a three-day, monthly event. It uses food and conversation to help break down self-segregation and encourage new connections. The goal of this program is to create a social context where students and staff – regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, abilities, sexual orientation, citizenship, or socioeconomic status – learn to rely on each other for help, inspiration, friendship, and support.

Gio Stewart

Campus Unification Director


Serving PCHS as a...

  • Cultivator of Culture & Climate

  • Promoter of Social-Emotional Learning

  • Strategist for Equity & Inclusion