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Governance & Board of Trustees » 2019 Board Candidates

2019 Board Candidates

Faculty Board Seat

Faculty Elected; 2-Year Term

Paula Anderson

I have acquired a deep awareness of the fascinating history, lofty standards, and strong reputation of Palisades Charter High School. My expertise leading organizations both outside and inside of education expanded my excitement for state-of-the-art technology, enabled my coordinating a dynamic, high-energy STEAM program, and enriched my focus on bottom-line realities.

As a values-driven critical thinker, I thrive on learning, while studying for my doctoral degree at LMU, and bringing to this vital Faculty Seat respect, and character learned through family and faith. Along with my powerful background in Special Education, I retain a sense of deep pride as a collaborative team player, manager of donor relations, and developer of strengthened safety policies and solid emergency procedures.

I love being part of the Pali Faculty Team. There is every reason to believe that this fine school can be rated in the top 10--not top 100--of all California high schools within three years. I will continue to work avidly to help make this happen. I know, together, we can do it.


Faculty Seat

Student-Elected; 1-Year Term 

Rick Steil

As the photography teacher at Palisades Charter High School for 11 years, I have actively engaged and supported students in a well-developed and innovative art program.  As Yearbook advisor, I have collaborated with many diverse groups on campus, including the Student Leadership Team and Ambassadors.  I was an active and vocal member of the budget committee for 6 years and have been the VAPA Department Chair for 8 years.


If elected, I would like to unify the student groups at Pali High, creating a space for all students to be heard, and encouraging them to develop an inclusive culture.

Faculty Board Seat

Student-Elected; 1-Year Term 

Susan Ackerman

In order for students to become global leaders, we must focus on the whole student to complement the academic program.   It is time to enhance the social emotional aspects of all students to provide a well-balanced and centered human being.  Thus, in doing so, students are better prepared to enter the world stage as a thriving leader to create positive change in our world.  As a Health Educator teacher for 20 years, that is the vision I will bring to the Board on behalf of students. 

Parent Seat

Parent-Elected; 2-Year Term

Sara Marigiotta

My family has been a part of the PCHS community for 6 years. During that time I have served on the school's Budget/Finance Committee, a committee which I now chair. My children have attended both public and private local schools and PCHS has been an amazing place for them to complete their secondary education. In prior years, I have served as Friends of Marquez President and member of their Board of Trustees. I am seeking the postion on the PCHS Board of Trustees to help maintain the forward trajectory of academic excellence, embrace what makes PCHS so special, ensure fiscal responsibility and support all PCHS students, embracing their individual strengths and talents.

Classified Seat

Classified-Elected; 2-Year Seat

Andrew Paris

Having served on the Palisades Charter High School Board of Trustees for the past 3 years, I feel my experience will allow me to seamlessly continue with my work there without a delay which often occurs with the installation of newly elected board officials. I have enjoyed the experience of serving on the board and will continue to bring the concerns and questions of my fellow classified employees to the attention of the other Trustee members. I love Pali High. I graduated from here, and I strive to make it the best school it can be.

Community Seat

All PCHS Employee-Elected; 2-Year Term

Ellen Pfahler

My two children attended Palisades Charter High School, graduation in 2013 and 2015. I have been involved as a member of the Pali High Budget/Finance Committee in prior years, and served as a member of the Board of Trustees for two years. I believe that all students deserve a great education and it is everyone's responsibility to ensure the students needs are met. Currently I am the Director of Finance for a private school in the area. My prior experience is in corporate accounting. I am familiar with the governance at Pali and know many of the school staff.


Community Seat

All PCHS Stakeholders-Elected; 2-Year Term

Adam Glazer

The charter school movement has been an important force in education allowing local control and innovation in individual schools. The movement has had a significant impact not only by allowing charter schools to form but also by its influence on the other public schools.


One of the most important parts about a charter school’s structure is the relationship between the school and the Los Angeles Unified School District. 


As an insurance agent I am frequently interacting and networking with the community. During my two year term as President of the Palisades Chamber of Commerce, I frequently interacted with the community. I had to listen to varying opinions, analyzing and research the facts and come to the right decision for the Chamber. I regularly navigated difficult financial decisions due to the business climate in the Palisades at that time. My background helping run a family business provided a solid foundation for the challenges of being Chamber President and being a successful insurance agent.


My goal is to help Pali High continue to achieve academic and financial success and make sure that Pali High and the community do their best to support one another in as many ways as possible.


Community Seat


All PCHS Stakeholders-Elected; 2-Year Term


Jack Seltzer



My name is Jack Seltzer. I graduated from Palisades Charter High School (Pali) in 2012. I am currently working at Marcus and Millichap as an investment sales agent. I have experience working on political campaigns in the San Francisco bay area while attending San Francisco State University. I worked on Norman Yee's and Nancy Pelosi's re-election campaign where my duties included fundraising and data collection. My long term goal is for Pali to gain competitive advantage in data analysis, technology, and entertainment/media to better adapt to a workforce requiring new and more advanced skill sets.


Community Seat


All PCHS Stakeholders-Elected; 2-Year Term


Lee Helper


Having now been a resident of Pacific Palisades of California, and with two of now adult children being a exemplary graduated product of Palisades Charter High School, I would very much look forward to serving on the board and contributing to its continued positive evolution.


Community Seat

PCHS Employees Stakeholder-Elected; 2-Year Term

Emily Hirsch

Serving for the past 3 years as a board member has given me a greater understanding of the operations and administration of Pali High. It is because of this experience that I would like to run for a 3rd term thus continuing my commitment to further support Pali High and our students.

I retired as a teacher from El Segundo High School in June 2015. My 3 children graduated from Pali High in 2004, 2007 and 2013. In addition to serving on the board, I have been involved in the Booster Club, fundraising, and sports activities at all 3 schools my children atteded.