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Welcome to the Attendance Office!
Clearing an Absence

All students must clear their absences with a parent/guardian/doctor's note or email. Otherwise the absences will be considered class cuts. 

Students should report directly to the Attendance Office to clear all absences BEFORE returning to any classes. Students should bring, or email an absence note signed by a parent or guardian that includes student's name, birthdate, date/s of absences and reason/s for absence, and a phone number where a parent can be reached during the day. Students 18 years old may sign their own absence notes, if parents permit, subject to verification of age. Students who fail to bring an absence note to the Attendance Office will be marked truant and must bring a note to clear the absence within two days or forfeit makeup privileges. Computerized attendance will be taken in each class at the beginning of each period. The cleared absence will appear on the teacher’s computer as soon as the absence is cleared in the Attendance Office. Teachers cannot clear absences. Students who do not clear their absences will be prevented from participating in activities such as school dances, Senior Prom and Senior Class Carnival and may lose student privileges, such as leaving campus during lunch.

Early Check-Outs
Does your student have a doctor's appointment? Need to leave school early? If so, your student should bring a note to the Attendance Office before school or during nutrition. The note should include the student's name, grade, birthdate, date of early check-out, a phone number where parent can be reached, the time the student must leave, the reason for leaving early and the parent/guardian signature. The office staff will call to verify the note. If you prefer, you can call the Attendance Office (310) 230-6629, we will accept the information over the phone. Students will not be checked out AFTER 1:45PM.

If a student leaves campus without checking out through the Attendance Office, it will be considered a class cut. Detention will be assigned for each period missed. We must know the whereabouts of your student during the school day.  SIMPLY CALLING OR TEXTING YOUR CHILD OUT OF CLASS WITHOUT CONTACTING THE ATTENDANCE OFFICE IS NOT PERMITTED!
Attendance Appeals

Students with excessive absences must pick up and complete an Attendance Appeals form in the Attendance Office by May 23, 2018 at 3pm. Remember, by attending PCHS that you have agreed to comply with the Attendance Policy which states that students are not allowed more than 6 absences in any Period 1-6 class and not more than 13 in any period 0/7 class. 

Change of Address
If your family has a change of address but the student plans to continue enrollment at Pali, please report the new address and phone number (if applicable) to the Attendance Office as soon as possible. A change of address form should be submitted along with a current copy of a new utility bill.

If you move during summer break and need to change schools, the Attendance and Counseling Offices will be open to assist you to gather the necessary papers to enroll your student in the new school.

Change of Employment
Please report parent/guardian new work phone numbers to the Attendance Office.
Downloadable Forms:
Attendance Office
(310) 230-6629 

Tami Christopher-Hooker

Director of Admissions and Attendance