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College Center » College Fair

College Fair



 From 6pm to 7pm: Only Juniors and Seniors are allowed in fair.

Workshops are available for 9th & 10th graders and ALL parents.




    • Do I want to attend a large university or a small college?
    • Do I want to attend a public or private college?
    • How far from home do I want to go to college?
    • Do I prefer a city campus, a suburban location, or a small town?
    • What program of study do I wish to pursue?
    • Are there activities (sports or clubs) in which I want to participate during college?
    • Admission:
    • What factors do you consider when making an admission decision?
    • What is the GPA of the average entering freshman?
    • What kind of courses should I be taking in my senior year of high school?
    • Is the ACT/SAT required?  What are your average SAT scores?
    • Do I need an interview?
    • What are the application deadlines for admission and for financial aid?
    • Do you accept Advanced Placement test credit?
  • Financial Aid:
    • What are the basic costs for a year (tuition, room/board, fees)?
    • What is the total estimated student budget for a year?
    • Are merit-based scholarships are available?
    • How many students receive financial aid?  What is the average award?
    • How much debt does the average student graduate with?
  • Programs of Study:
    • Do you offer a degree in the major I am interested in?
    • What are considered your top programs?
    • What unique programs does your institution offer?
    • How are faculty advisors assigned, especially to students undecided about major?
  • Campus Life:
    • What is the total enrollment?  Breakdown by gender, ethnicity, religion, etc.?
    • How many students live on campus?
    • Is housing guaranteed for all four years?
    • What activities are available?  Sports?  Arts?  Fraternities?  Sororities?
    • What transportation services are available?  Do most students have cars?




6 pm:  FOR JUNIOR/SENIOR PARENTS:  "Exploring College Options,” presented by Kathryn Favaro, Certified Admissions Counselor- For many years Kathryn and her team have been guiding Pali High students as well as students across the Los Angeles area. Get helpful tips, tricks and information on how to best tackle the college search and list building process.  Get inside information on the admissions process for all types of colleges with a special emphasis on private and out of state colleges Gilbert Hall


6 pm:  “Make College Affordable: Your Best Strategy to Pay for College," by Stephanie Hancock, CFP, CCPS, College Aid Consulting, learn the best ways to reduce the high cost of college and pay for it wisely through a combination of college selection, financial aid, tax strategies and personal resources, strategies for saving for college and getting the most out of financial aid, presented Room F101


6pm: “The Insider’s Guide to College Admissions Testing - Secrets to Increasing Your SAT/ACT Scores,” presented by Jacob Kantor of Revolution Prep. Jacob will be using his many years of experience to help you learn secrets to increasing student’s SAT/ACT test scores. Revolution Prep was founded in 2002 by two UCLA graduates and is headquartered in Santa Monica, CA. Revolution Prep works with students on SAT/ACT Test Preparation and all subject academic tutoring including Subject Tests, AP, IB and even college level classes. Families will leave the presentation with great insight into college admissions testing and a $250 gift card for some free prep. Room F102


6 pm:  “How to Differentiate Yourself as an Applicant,” by Jen Kaifesh, A graduate of Northwestern University, Jen Kaifesh is the owner and founder of Great Expectations College Prep. She was the head of the Writing Center at Northwestern University, where she worked with undergraduates on graduate school applications and served as a liaison between the university and local high school applicants. Aside from a strong GPA and test scores, what do colleges look for? What are they looking for when they review your extracurricular activities? How do they expect you to pursue your passions if you do not know what they are? (Come and learn what you can do to stand out!)  Room F103


6 pm“Communicating Your Story: 10 Tips for Writing Powerful College Application Essays,” presented by Rebecca Joseph, PhD, Founder of Get-Me-To-College.  In this workshop, you will learn how to write a powerful college essay.  Dr. Joseph will explain what students should and should not include in their essays.  She explains exactly what colleges are looking for when they read your personal statement. Room D105


6 pm: “Streamlining the College Application Process,” by Jennifer Hanon, Jennifer Hanon works as a college counselor with California College Prep. She helps students, and their parents, successfully tackle the college application process (while reducing stress and maximizing results). Jennifer completed the College Counseling Certification program through UCLA and completed college-counseling training under California College Prep Founder, Kathryn Sloustcher (formerly Favaro) Room D107 


6:00 pm: College Financial Aid Tips for Divorced, Separated and Unmarried Parents,”presented by Mara Berke, J.D., M.S.W., of Berke Family Mediation, is a California family law attorney, mediator and collaborative lawyer with over 20 years of family law experience. Ms. Berke is a divorced parent and has personal experience and knowledge of the financial aid process. She is a proud mother of a University of Chicago student, class of 2022, who receives financial aid.  Ms. Berke desires to use her experience, research and resourcefulness to assist families with the college financial aid process since she views this population of families as underserved in our community.  Ms. Berke’s depth of experience in family and children issues includes leadership training at Children’s Hospital, Center for Child Development and Developmental Disabilities, non-public school assessments, advocacy in Individualized Education Plans, appointment as minor’s counsel, and appointment as a Court Assisted Special Advocate (CASA)/Guardian Ad Litem in Dependency Court.   She obtained her Masters in Social Work from the University of Southern California School of Social Work in 1998. Ms. Berke majored in Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors in 1987 (top 20% of the College of Letters and Science).Room F104