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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements and Minimum College Admission “A-G” Requirements

Updated 4/19/18*

Subject High School Graduation UC/CSU (*1) NCAA Division 1

Social Studies- “A” Requirement

30 credits

World History AB

US History AB



2 years

UC :World History AND US History (or 1 semester US Hist AND 1 semester Gov)

CSU: US History (or 1 semester US AND 1 semester Gov), plus 1 year Social science from either the “A” or “G”
2 years

English- “B” Requirement

4 years college preparatory English 

Intermediate ESL/ELD can count for 1 year toward requirement         

Advanced ESL/ELD can count for 1 year toward requirement

4 years college preparatory English


UC :no more than 1 yr of ADV

ESL/ELD and not in senior year


CSU: no more than 1 yr of ADV ESL/ELD
4 years college preparatory English

Mathematics- “C” Requirement

20 credits college preparatory mathematics. Minimum- Algebra1 and Geometry or Applied Math

3 years college preparatory math

4TH year recommended. Must complete Algebra 1, 2 and Geometry

3 years

(Algebra 1 or higher)

Science- “D” Requirement

10 credits- Biological Science

10 credits- Physical Science

2 years laboratory science

3rd year recommended.

UC: 2 of 3 – Biology, Chemistry, Physics OR 1 of Bio/Chem/Physics and 1 Interdisciplinary Science (“D” only)

 CSU: 1 year life science; 1 year physical science (1 from “D”, 1 from “D” or “G”

                                                               (* 3)
2 years

Foreign Language- “E” Requirement

None required for graduation 2 years of the same foreign language; a 3rd year recommended, ASL accepted none

VPA-Visual and Performing Arts- “F” Requirement

10 credits

One full year course or 2 semesters in same discipline (Dance, Music, Theater, Art)

10 credits

One full year course or 2 semesters in same discipline (Dance, Music, Theater, Art)

Electives- “G” Requirement

75 credits

1 year or more worth of advanced courses in A – G subjects: Social Science, English, Math, Lab Science, Foreign Language, Arts

1 additional year of math , English or science, plus 4 years of additional courses from any area above, foreign language, or non-doctrinal religion/philosophy

Applied- Technology

10 credits- must include one semester of computers none none

Physical Education

20 credits none  none 


5 credits  none  none 

UC: ACT Assessment plus writing or SAT Reasoning Test. Subject Tests are optional.

CSU: ACT without writing or SAT Reasoning Test (writing score not used)

Non-course Requirements

40 hours community service (10/yr)

Required mandatory testing

Senior post graduation plan 
  Report SAT  or ACT scores to NCAA Eligibility Center 
Total credits needed for graduation-230 credits

*1. This list reflects the minimum admission requirements for UC/CSU. For a complete description of UC/CSU admission   requirements, please refer to and . To see Palisades Charter HS A-G course list, go to  

*2.NCAA- this is a brief summary. Please log on to the NCAA website for the complete eligibility requirements at

*3.Integrated Science and Astronomy are not lab sciences, but can be used to meet the “G” requirement. Honors Environmental Science, AP Environmental Science and Physical Geology are interdisciplinary sciences that meet either the life science or physical science requirement for UC/CSU.