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World Languages

The World Languages Department offers a fouyear regular program in the French and Spanish, and a three year program in Italian, and a four year program for Heritage Speakers of Spanish.


In addition to the regular programs, there are also Honors Programs in French and Spanish. For those students who want to become proficient in French and Spanish, the department offers AP courses in French Language, Spanish Language, and Spanish Literature. Students who come from Spanish-speaking families may benefit from regular and advanced classes of Spanish for Heritage Speakers.


Freshmen wishing to take first-year world language classes are required to have earned an “A” or a “B” in both semesters of eighth-grade English. The prerequisite for higher levels in any world language course is a “C” or a higher grade because a “D” is not a grade recognized by American colleges, although after the first semester a teacher may allow a D student to continue at her discretion. - add


Although world languages are considered to be elective classes, most American universities require that applicants complete at least two years of a world language program with a “C” or a higher subject mark for the spring semester; however, three years of the same world language are recommended by most American universities.


The Department philosophy links the language course with the culture, history and arts of the countries whose language students study. Therefore, in addition to grammar, vocabulary, conversations, and reading materials, in Honors and AP classes’ students make reports and presentations, as well as research various topics, to get familiarized with numerous aspects of cultural life.


The Department personnel implement the advanced methods of practical acquisition of foreign languages through meaningful classroom activities, homework, discussions, projects, and conversations about real-life situations and cultural legacy of the countries.


Maggie Nance
Department Chair



Mrs. Myrna Cervantes

Ms. Elizabeth Ferrer

Ms. Lilian Maldonado

Mrs. Ruth Mills

Ms. Erica Najar

Ms. Maggie Nance

Ms. Patricia Perez del Amo

Ms. Laura Bachrach

Mrs. Dominique  Vincent



Ms.  Lucia Rovetta



Mrs. Dominique Vincent

Mrs. Eva Pichlbauer