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Students are responsible for loss or damage to textbooks in their account/possession. Students must have a current ID in order to receive a textbook.  All textbooks must be returned at the end of the class or when a student checks out of a class.

Students are asked to report previous damage to their textbook within the first week of obtaining the book. The Library notes damage in the book’s record so the student will not be held responsible for any prior damage. (Note: if the damage is not reported, the student could be held liable)   

California Ed. Code section 48904: allows schools to withhold official student grades, diploma and transcripts – if books/learning materials are not returned or are damaged.  Damages may include: excessive writing, torn or missing pages, food / liquid stains, water damage/ mold, damaged cover, etc.

List of Textbooks for the 2018-2019 School Year:

Textbook FAQs 

Q: I don’t have an ID- Can I still check out a book?

A: Textbooks are not issued without an ID.  Students are issued a free ID at the beginning of the year, and can replace their ID in the attendance office for $5.00.

Q: I left my textbook at home- Can I borrow a book for my class?

A: The Library is unable to issue a second textbook.

Q: I need a book for class but I haven’t turned in my other copy.

 A: Can I borrow the new book anyway?

Students need to turn in the previous semester book before a new textbook can be issued.  For example, The Great Gatsby must be turned in before The Scarlet Letter can be issued.

Q: I lost my textbook. How do I get a replacement?

A: A new textbook cannot be issued until the current book has been replaced.

There are three options for replacement: 

1.     Students will take a contract home to be signed by a parent stating that monthly payments will be made to replace the book. Students bring their first payment with the signed contract and then a new book will be issued. A receipt will be issued once the full amount has been paid.  Contracts must be cleared by the end of the current semester.      

2.   Students can pay the full amount of the lost textbook, and then will be issued a new book and a receipt.

3.    A student can purchase a replacement copy **** from an outside source and pay a non- refundable $5.00 processing fee; however, a new textbook cannot be issued until the replacement copy has been reviewed.  Only NEW replacement copies will be accepted. Used copies with writing, highlighting, art and other damage WILL NOT be accepted.

**** For the 2018-2019 school year, the following replacement textbooks will not be accepted:

Biology- Regular or Honors

Chemistry- Regular or Honors

AP World History

Spanish 1, 2, 3, 4

A list of textbook titles and ISBNs is located in the information section above. 

Q: I paid/replaced my lost textbook but now I found my original book. What do I do?

A: You MUST have your receipt in order for a refund to occur.  Refunds are given only if the textbook is still in use at PCHS.

Depending on how you paid (see question above) refunds are issued the following way:

1.   Contract payment: If the copy returned is still in good condition, the money paid toward a contract will be refunded. If damages have occurred to the book, the refund amount will be adjusted for new damage fees.

2.   Full amount payment: If the copy returned is still in good condition, the money paid will be refunded. If damages have occurred to the book, the refund amount will be adjusted for new damage fees. A refund receipt will be generated. If more than a month has passed since the original receipt was written, a small processing fee will be deducted.

3.   Replacement copy: No refund will be given - instead the replacement copy will be returned to the student.  If damages have occurred to the original book, the student will be charged.

** NO refund will be issued if student does not have their payment/replacement receipt.