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Campus Unification

Pali Mission Statement
PCHS will empower our diverse student population to make positive contributions to the global community by dedicating our resources to ensure educational excellence, civic responsibility, and personal growth.


PCHS Staff Commitment to Social Justice



Our vision is to become a cohesive and constructive community for students to learn who they want to be. As staff members, we are fully committed to our mission statement. Together we will cultivate an uplifting environment where students are inspired and empowered to pursue their personal aspirations. We will not tolerate and we will stand against any form of hate or discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, abilities, sexual orientation, citizenship, or socioeconomic status. Our goal is for all students to know that they are safe, valued, and respected.


Why is Campus Unification Important? 

Too many students spend their high school years feeling isolated and navigating social and educational structures that make connecting with others difficult. Many of them graduate feeling relieved that this stage of life is over. Educational experiences like this can have a long-term, negative impact on how they perceive themselves and others, and can lead them to continue choosing separation over unification in other areas of life.

This is why we facilitate discussions and activities that examine these tendencies, challenge our diverse community members to connect with each other rather than isolate themselves, and encourage every student, teacher, and administrator to participate in building a community that intentionally moves forward together. We want each student to graduate feeling supported, empowered, valued, and ready for the next stage in life. As a group, students should feel proud of themselves and the friends they have made along the way. 

Student Bill of Rights Concern Form
Click HERE to Fill out the SBRR Concern Form
Peer Mediation Invitational (PMI)
We have students on this campus that are dedicated to being peacemakers.This week seven Pali students and two staff members participated in the Peer Mediation Invitational (PMI) at the 9th district Court House and Western Justice Center (WJC) in Pasadena. They got the chance to practice mediation in real courtrooms and were observed and coached by professional mediators and judges. Finally, they became official graduates of PMI! These seven students among others are using their mediation skills to protect our campus and do their part by helping their classmates to get past their personal conflicts with one another.
Community Day- Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine's Day from Pali! Students celebrated with a Community Day focusing on love and appreciation for one another. During lunch, students bought flowers for each other, participated in a "teddy bear walk", meditated on their own positive attributes with a "self-love" board, decorated the quad with colorful chalk drawings, and enjoyed "The Dating Game" Pali style.
Unite is a three-day, monthly event and the second step in the 1 to 4 Program. It uses food and conversation to help break down self-segregation and encourage new connections. The goal of this program is to create a social context where students and staff – regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, abilities, sexual orientation, citizenship, or socioeconomic status – learn to rely on each other for help, inspiration, friendship, and support. 
Community Day Promotes New Student Concern Form
In association with Tuesday, Jan. 30's community day, social justice group, Justice League, hosted another dodgeball activity in the quad with the intention of bringing students of all grades, genders, sexualities, races  and socioeconomic statuses together. The open-spaced event was surrounded by canvases created by Leadership in conjunction with our Campus Unification Director and posted with the help of Justice League, promoting positive vibes and attitudes in the school environment.

 Justice League worked along side Human Rights Watch and Leadership to foster the new student concern form that features an outlet for students to realize their rights and voice their worries in a process that highlights the section of the Student Bill of Rights that was violated. The new form also addresses a chain of administration that the complaint has to go through to be properly recognized. 

The student concern form, the monthly community events and the messages of support are all a part of Pali's mission to promote unification and satisfaction amongst the student body. - words and photos by Katherine Veloso for the Pali Tideline

Pali Special Education: “Diversity is our strength, Unity is our goal,”  

Room J110 is made up of remarkable students coming from different backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures with “special needs.” Its bringing their needs and differences together that create a bond of union. “Diversity is our strength, Unity is our goal,” is the message that room J110 has promoted on their classroom door. Anyone on our campus will be able to read that message and be reminded that we have a diverse school (our strength) and we can bring that diversity together(unity) to create a bond within the Pali community. Below, the students of J110 dressed in their favorite sports gear to show Pali school spirit and support for the upcoming Special Olympics.

Justice League Dodgeball Day!

Justice League dodge ball day is now a new tradition at Pali to aid in helping to break down self-segregation on our campus.  The day was a success!  Students and teachers where enjoying the afternoon together listing to music and playing dodge ball!

Justice League Rally

The Justice League is a leadership organization made up of Pali’s most prominent social and cultural groups. They include the Latino Student Union (LSU), Black Student Union (BSU), Asian Student Union (ASU), Genders Sexualities Alliance (GSA), Human Rights Watch (HRW), and He for She (an intersectional feminism group). This collective was assembled to show our campus and community that our diversity is one of our greatest strengths, that we support each other, and that we are a unified front. On October 3rd, we introduced the Justice League to our campus and gave the leaders from each club a chance to introduce themselves and their mission. The Justice League will organize monthly activities designed to help break down self-segregation on our campus, and you can follow everything they put together right here! 

Community Day Activity & Club Day

All classes school wide took part in a conversational video experience and Campus Unification Activity “HELLO!” Created by our Campus Unification Director Gio Stewart. Part of the activity is for students to keep track of their interactions with each other.  For an hour we allowed them to use the social media app “Snap Chat” and our ASB students created our own Pali “geotag” to keep track of interactions. We also used this as a moment to educate students on proper etiquette regarding how to use social media.  After the in-class activity students were released to participate in Club Rush that took place in our quad area.  It was a great experience, which helped unify our diverse campus!

Community Day Assembly

Community Day Assembly took place on Sept 27, 2017. Our focus was on Unity and Community building.  We did this by re-introducing our Student Bill of Rights and Responsibilities that was developed by our Human Rights Watch group as well as introducing our PCHS Staff Commitment to Social Justice lead by our Executive Director and Principal, Dr. Pamela Magee.  We had two great assemblies filled with staff and student performances, heart-felt messages and student testimonies.  The students where able to commit themselves to the Student Bill of Rights by providing their signatures similar to how the staff committed themselves to the PCHS Staff Commitment to Social Justice. We are better together!

Unity Day Video:
Tools for Tolerance

Over the summer, Pali teachers and staff participated in a day of workshops and seminars hosted by the Museum of Tolerance that provided training on how to promote inclusion, appreciate diversity, and intentionally build community together.

Hello is the First Step in the 1 to 4 Program developed by Campus Unification Director Gio Stewart. Pali is a large school, and being among its 3,000 students, faculty, and staff can feel overwhelming and make it challenging to meet new people. The Hello Program was launched in Summer 2017 to give every teacher and classmate at Pali an organic way to discourage self-segregation, intentionally greet each other, and have meaningful conversations with new people. By opening up social barriers and fostering a sense of community, Hello normalizes making new connections, provides a warm place for students to interact with teachers and administrators, and encourages everyone to support and protect each other against hate, racism, and prejudice.
HELLO! in Action:
 Pali students and staff participate in "Hello" over the summer!
Pali Link Crew
Link Crew is a student- run program for incoming 9th graders. The goal of the program is to provide support for new 9th grade students, create a sense of community, and encourage leadership through trained peer mentorship. 
Link Crew helped out at 9th Grade Orientation getting new students excited about the high school experience and helping them get acquainted with PCHS campus: 
Salutations is an art project created by a collaboration between Ms. Cervantes' Honors Spanish for Natives II Class and Ms. A Pereyra's Art classes as part of a Social Justice and Human Rights Research Based Project. The objective of the project was for students to promote awareness and respect for human rights and end social injustices in both their community worldwide local and global communities.
Students applied research, methodologies, and collected data to put a spotlight on topics such as the rights of women, children, refugees, migrant workers, members of the LGBTQ community, domestic violence, and economical, social, and cultural rights, particularly in the areas of education. Students created large-scale banners presenting welcoming salutation in the top five languages spoken at Pali and concepts inspired by solutions to social justice issues. 
The end result of the project was generated "visual corridor of dignity", which can be seen in the photos below.