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2017 Pali Film Festival


Filmmaking develops visual literacy. It fosters research, organization, planning, analysis and synthesis skills. It develops oral, visual and writing presentation skills, negotiating, communication and other interpersonal skills. It creates awareness of community, family and self, connections between curriculum and the world outside the classroom. It is a rich method to explore content and surround the project with authentic experiences. While the benefits of filmmaking in the classroom encompass student awareness, creativity, engagement, technical learning, it also provides a bridge to life outside the classroom. The experiences learned and the skills developed will make them much more than better filmmakers, they will become better thinkers.

Palisades Production is proud to announce the 1st annual School-wide Student Film Festival. The festival is an opportunity to showcase and celebrate the creative talents and accomplishments of students through the theme CHANGE. This event gives participants the chance to see their films featured at the HUMANKIND EVENT, April 28, 29 and 30 and maybe even be honored on the school’s website.


  1. Upload your finished video to:
  2. Fill out the online entry form pitching your project and send to
  3. Due Date :  April 15, 2017*


  1. Story- Any movie that tells a fictional story. This category might include such movie types as drama, action, disaster, science fiction, detective, romance or adventure. 
  1. Documentary- Make a movie about a real-life person, event, your community or culture, even yourself! Reality films are another form of documentary.
  1. Comedy- A film whose main purpose is to be funny, to make people laugh. They might feature several different film genres, but primarily use humor as the driving force. Such genres could be action comedy, adventure comedy, comedy-drama, comedy documentary and  parody films.
  1. Music Video- Make a video to accompany a piece of music - a song, classical work, theme tune or even an original composition! Think creatively - the video could help tell a story and/or view the piece in a different light!

*11:59 PM on April 15, 2017*


Movies must be created by currently enrolled students of PCHS, as individuals or groups.

There is no limit to the number of students in any group entering a movie, but only a total of six (6) students can be officially recognized and included in the entry submission.


✓ *****Movies must be uploaded to

please upload ur videos to this link and be available online through May 1, 2017.

✓ You may enter as many movies as you like; however, movies may be submitted only once. Entries must have been completed between March 1-April 15, 2017.

✓ There are no time limitations for any movie; however, it is encouraged that most movies should aim to be between 2 and 10 minutes long.

✓ Content of videos submitted must adhere to the PCHS’s dress and safety codes and the Student Code of Conduct guidelines which can be found on the website under the Students & Families tab > Parent Handbook

✓ Entries must be considered appropriate as indicated by the explanation of a “PG13” rating by the Motion Picture Association of America. For additional information see:

✓ While not required, opening titles and/or closing credits are encouraged.

✓ PCHS may disqualify any entry deemed inappropriate within its sole discretion.

✓ The Film Festival Committee reserves the right to declare no winner for a specific category/ entry level if there are no suitable entries.

✓ By submitting a movie, the contestant(s) grant PCHS the right to publish the movie in part or in whole in any medium, and states that they have full permission and consent from all individuals who appear in the movie.

Flow & Coherency (10 points)

LOW (0-3 points) Little or no evidence of planning of storyline or events in presentation. Film feels awkward or confusing.

AVERAGE (4-7 points) Some degree of planning evident in storyline or sequence of events. Film makes sense.

EXEMPLARY (8-10 points) Storyline or events are well planned and flow smoothly. Film is cohesive and effective in its goal.

Creativity (10 points)

LOW (0-3 points) Little apparent thought given to interesting or original ways to present story/events.

AVERAGE (4-7 points) Some evidence of thought put into originality and creativity of subject and techniques.

EXEMPLARY (8-10 points) Movie is presented with creativity, originality and enthusiasm.

Technical Merit - Video (10 points)

LOW (0-3 points) Little apparent thought given to camera angle or lighting of scene/subject. Limited or no editing apparent.

AVERAGE (4-7 points) Thoughtful camera angles/lighting. Editing good but not tight. Transitions/titling used appropriately.

EXEMPLARY (8-10 points) Varying/effective camera angles/lighting techniques. Editing thorough and tight. Transitions/ titling flowed with story.

Technical Merit - Audio (10 points)

LOW (0-3 points) Little or no sound effects and/or music. Voices not clear or sharp. Volume levels/audio mix not controlled.

AVERAGE (4-7 points) Sound effects and/or music appropriate to topic. Voice clarity good. Volume levels/audio mix adequate.

EXEMPLARY (8-10 points) Effective use of both sound effects and/or music to topic. Voices clear and sharp. Volume levels/ audio mix controlled.

Overall Impact (10 points)

LOW (0-3 points) Video did not fit the intent of the category entered or was not clear. Evoked indifferent response from viewer.

AVERAGE (4-7 points) Video met intent of category entered but lacked impact.

EXEMPLARY (8-10 points) Video clearly met intent of category with enthusiasm and impact. Evoked appropriate response from viewer.



Additionally, here are three main technical areas which can help drastically improve the quality of any entry:

✓ Use a tripod where possible!

✓ Make sure you have good lighting - as much light as possible is better. Make sure the light is behind the camera, not in front of it.

✓ Get the best audio you can - use headphones to monitor sound if your camera has a headphone jack, get close to the sound source so that it can be heard clearly, and if possible, use an external microphone.


The easiest way to upload your video is through YouTube at For more information on creating a free YouTube account and uploading videos please visit


No copyright permission should be needed for music contained in a Music Video entry to the Film Festival. It should be covered under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, which favors non-profit and educational use of material as fair use. If you upload your entry to YouTube and find the music is muted due to copyright, please follow the steps below to have it restored:

1) Go to "My Videos".

2) Select "Resolve Copyright" on the video you are having copyright issues with.

3) Pick the option "I want to learn more about this dispute process".

4) Pick the option "Take me to the dispute form".

5) Pick option #2 and paste the following statement into the text bar next to it; "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

6) Fill out the rest of the info on the page and "Submit Dispute". Within 2-3 minutes your video's audio should be back


Entry Period March 1-April 15,2017

Film Festival April 28,29 and 30,2017

Finalists Announced April 30,2017

Award Ceremonies April 30, 2017


Humankind Film Festival is organized and run by Nancy Fracchiolla, Media Production Coordinator for PCHS. She can be contacted in the following ways at